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Oratory “The Peacemakers”

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Adel Tawil bei seinem Konzert im Gerry-Weber-Stadion in Halle/Westfalen

»Vom selben Stern«

Adel Tawil




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The Wider Outlook Works Festival is going to be inspiring, transforming, networking and music-making. Where and when? At the GERRY WEBER STADIUM in Halle/Westphalia, Germany from 6 to 8 May 2016. One World live concerts, encounters with visitors from the worldwide partnerships, panels, workshops, information stands on topics that concern us all, a festive service for children and adults with ecumenical guests … and a host of activities, performance art and interactive events – all at an unusual venue. The Evangelical Church in Westphalia warmly invites you to take part.

The Reformation anniversary recalls Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg on 31 October 1517. And in 2016 we are widening our horizons beyond Germany to include the whole world. “Reformation and One World” is the theme for the final year in the Reformation Decade that has been leading up to the great celebration.

The three Protestant regional churches in North Rhine-Westphalia – the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, the Evangelical Church of Westphalia and the Church of Lippe – have planned the campaign “A Wider Outlook Works – Reformation and One World 2016” as a joint project with Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service and the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) and other partners. The year 2016 will feature a number of different actions, including the Wider Outlook Works Festival in the GERRY WEBER STADIUM in Halle/Westphalia, Germany.


Come, let’s make the world shine

14.00 Arrival of visitors

15.30 bis Welcome to refugees and thanks to the volunteers accompanying them


15.30 Music: Judy Bailey & Band

16.00 Festival Opening
Rev. Annette Kurschus, church president (praeses)
Welcome to refugees and volunteers involved in helping refugees
and international partners

 Music: Judy Bailey & Band
Hannelore Kraft, NRW state premier and festival patron

 Music: Judy Bailey & Band
Refugees worldwide
with contributions from Rev. Dr. Olaf Fykse Tveit,
General secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and refugees

 Music: Judy Bailey & Band
Refugees at the EU’s external borders
with contributions from Prof. Paolo Naso, director of Mediterranean Hope (MH),
the refugee programme of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI)
and an African refugee

 Music: Judy Bailey & Band
Refugees in North Rhine-Westphalia
with contributions from Dr. Klaus Engel, CEO of Evonik Industries,
Jutta Vormberg, Diakonie Münster, with stakeholders and refugees from NRW

 Music: Judy Bailey & Band
Actions and encounters, culinary specialties from the region and One World, One World stands, music groups to get in the mood
at the Market of Opportunities

18.00Entry to the stadium

Winners of the German school student contest present their song

20.00Live concert with ADEL TAWIL – OPEN AIR 2016


from 9.00 Arrival of visitors

The four main forums in the GERRY WEBER STADIUM and GERRY WEBER Event Center

9.30 Bible study

10.00 Chic, cheap, but at what price? – Fair textile production

10.00 Giving people refuge and a home – The refugee situation at the borders of Europe and here in North Rhine-Westphalia

11.30 Bible study

12.00Faith frees us for action in solidarity worldwide!

12.00 Climate justice now!

13.30 A choir project on the topic of inclusion between the Wichern special school, Minden, and the Rainbow School, Tanzania

14.15Wieviel Weite verträgt die Ökumene?

16.00Europa in die Enge getrieben? Wieviel Weite verträgt Europa, wieviel Weite brauchen Europas Kirchen?

16.30 MessiahAsamburaEcumenical Community-Dance Project – Chamber choir of St. Mary’s, Minden in cooperation with a Youth choir of the Mtae partner church (Tanzania), a Student Ensemble from the HMTM, Hanover, and the Baroque orchester “l´arco” (Hanover) – www.marien-minden.de

19.00 Poetry-Slam “Bound-Less“

20.00Oratorio THE PEACEMAKERS by Karl Jenkins, with over 1000 singers, soloists and a reciter from Westphalia Libertas Choir from Stellenbosch, South Africa; Soloist: Linda Laible, Soprano; Northwest German philharmonic orchestra; Conductor: Johan de Villiers, South Africa

Festive service, Programme, Music

9.30 Arrival at the Market of Opportunities

10.00 Entry to the stadium /Tuning into the service

10.30 Gates of Freedom – open wide!
Ecumenical festive service for children and adults with visitors from all over the world
Preacher: Rev. Annette Kurschus, praeses
Musical direction: KMD Matthias Nagel with (brass) bands, choirs and organ

from 12.00 Programme for children and teens

13.00Abschlussforum – Menschenrechte für alle! Aufbrüche in die Zukunft der Einen Welt

14.30 “….sing all ye people!”
International music festival “Sounds beyond bounds” 
Choirs, gospel groups, brass bands, Children’s and youth choirs of the EKvW and from ACK member churches in Westphalia, Libertas Choir, Stellenbosch, 
Combined choir of Wichern school and Rainbow School, bands, joint contribution from UEM churches, international choirs from partner churches worldwide, Community singing
Live stream to Indonesia
of the Wider Outlook Works Festival, to the biggest Protestant church in Asia, the Batak Christian Protestant Church (HKBP), gathered in Sumatra stadium

16.30 Conclusion (Rev. Annette Kurschus)

until 17.00 Winding-down on site

Music & Art

Community Dance 2 150
Chamber choir of St. Mary’s, Minden,Conductor: Justus BarlebenYouth choir of the Mtae partner church (Tanzania), Conductor: Yambazi KaonekaStudent Ensemble from the HMTM, Hanover, Conductor: Maximilian GuthBaroque orchester “l´arco” (Hanover), Rehearsals: [...]

Main Forums

9.30Bible study with liturgy
and music Rev. Annette Kurschus

Gerhard Weber, Gerry Weber, Halle
Dr. Gerd Müller,
federal minister for development cooperation
OKR Dr. Ulrich Möller,
Dr. Sabine Ferenschild, Clean Clothes Campaign,
coalition for sustainable textiles
Moderator: WDR Radio & Television

9.30Bible study with liturgy and music
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bedford-Strohm

10.00 Panel
EKD Council chair & bishop
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bedford-Strohm,
Peter Altmaier, federal minister
Doris Peschke, director, CCME
Representatives of refugee assistance in NRW,
Volker Maria Hügel, Pro Asyl
Moderator: Albert Henz

11.30Bible study with liturgy and music
Dr. Fidon Mwombeki, Director, Mission and Development, Lutheran World Federation

Dr. Gerd Müller,
federal minister for development cooperation
Dr. Zephania Kameeta, Namibia
Dr. Christoph Benn, Director, UN Global Fund, Switzerland,
Bishop Kevin Dowling (RC), South Africa
Church president Dr. Kakule Molo, Congo
Deaconess Tio Sihombing, Batak
Christian Protestant Church, Indonesia
Moderator: Bettina von Clausewitz

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11.30 Bible study with liturgy and music
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Huber

12.00 Panel
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Huber,
Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer,
Johannes Remmel, NRW environment minister,
Prof. Dr. Mark Swilling, Stellenbosch University, South Africa 
Prof. Dr. Claudia Warning, Bread for the World
Launching the One1Climate Club
Initiative for climate justice in India,
South Africa, Germany et al
Moderator: Bernd Becker
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Samstag, 7. Mai
Konferenzzentrum im GERRY WEBER Sporthotel

14.15 bis
15.45 Uhr
Bischof Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Ratsvorsitzender der Evangelischen Kirche von Deutschland (EKD)
Prof. Michael Weinrich, Gemeinschaft Evangelischer Kirchen Europas (GEKE)
Generalsekretär Heikki Huttunen, Konferenz Europäischer Kirchen (KEK)
Bischof Dr. Stephen Munga, (VEM, Tansania)
Dr. Michael Kappes, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen (ACK-NRW), Bistum Münster
Hanne Lamparter, Junge Ökumene – MEET
Moderation: Christa Kronshage, EKvW, Kirchenleitungsmitgliedread more

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Samstag, 7. Mai
Konferenzzentrum im GERRY WEBER Sporthotel

16.00 bis
17.30 Uhr
Bishop Dr. Jonathan Gibbs (Church of England)
Prof. Dr. Paolo Naso (Waldenserkirche in Italien)
Bischof Jerzy Samiec (Ev. Kirche A.B. in der Republik Polen)
Rev. Susan Brown (Church of Scotland)
Dr. Klara Tarr (Ev.-lutherische Kirche in Ungarn)
Dóra Kanizsai  (Ev.-Reformierte Kirche in Ungarn)
Thomas Krieger (Amt für MÖWe) und Jürgen Born (Institut für Kirche und Gesellschaft)

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Sonntag, 8. Mai
Event Center

13.00 bis
14.15 Uhr
Rüdiger Oppers (Evonik Industries)
Tom Buhrow (Intendant Westdeutscher Rundfunk, angefragt)
Dr. Victoria Kisyombe (Unternehmerin Tansania)
Dr. Christoph Benn (Direktor des Global Fund der UNO)
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Traugott Jähnichen (Universität Bochum)   read more

EXPO – Topics

Studie "Im Stich gelassen"

For years, the working conditions in textile factories in low-wage countries have been notorious: low wages, long working hours, no …

T02 Klima Enkanini

Climate change is exacerbating global poverty and hitting those hardest who caused it least.

As Christians we are challenged to …

How do Christians of other languages and origins live and act towards one another in local churches?

Who we are

Chor Wichernschule

The contribution by Bethel and other welfare agencies of Diakonie Germany, diaconal partnerships (e.g. Wittekindshof-Cameroon), national borders/church borders as barriers …

Small group of business people joining hands, low angle view.

Networking women’s issues and concerns in the area of partnerships, church contacts and international exchange …

651 DSCF0143

Big games equipment, a Poetry Slam “Bound-less”, church cabaret, Action-bound, a race on stilts, graffiti, shows for the older ones …

EXPO – Market of Opportunities

On all festival days: Music, Theatre, Exhibition, Workshops, Fair Trade shops, Forums, Informations and Actions Stands, Eating and drinking



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